Days after Atlanta, Georgia rapper OG Maco declared via Twitter that “Future has destroyed countless lives,” he recently made amends with Future.

Earlier in the week, Maco revealed that he had a conversation with Future, and also criticized the media for turning positives into negatives.

“Salute @1future . We just had a real nigga conversation. The media and hate will turn positives into negatives if you let em. No more ?s .,” OG Maco tweeted on July 13.

Last week, OG Maco appeared to take aim at Future as he spoke on an artist merely being able to “Rap about drugs and call girls hoes and wear supreme and bape” in order to make it in the music industry.

He then had this to say about Future and his Xanax reference on “56 Nights”: “I love Future but I also understand Future has destroyed countless lives by making it cool to be a drug addict. 56 Xans isn’t cool.”

OG Maco’s conversation with Future comes shortly after he revealed that he never had a problem with speaking face-to-face with Future about his comments, in a retweet to a The Fader news story.

OG Maco’s tweets can be found below.

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