OG Maco took to Twitter yesterday (July 9) to share his thoughts on drugs in Rap.

“Rap about drugs and call girls hoes and wear Supreme and bape and you’ll make it,” OG Maco writes.

He then uses Future as an example of an artist who raps about drugs and sets a poor example for listeners.

“I love Future,” OG Maco says, “but I also understand Future has destroyed countless lives by making it cool to be a drug addict. 56 Xans isn’t cool.”

On his song, “56 Nights,” Future raps, “I took 56 bars all in one month nigga and I’m still dranking.” Bars are units of the drug Xanax.

A fan discredits OG Maco’s statement because the rapper made his success off of “U Guessed It.” In the song, Maco calls women “hoes” and “bitches” and he talks about all the money he supposedly has.

Maco responds to the fan by saying that his song gives him credibility because he purposefully worked the system.

“‘U Guessed It’ was not luck,” Maco says. “It wasn’t a accident. I made the dumbest song I possibly could on a beat full of bass and knew it would blow. I manipulated over 40 million minds and counting based on the exact same principles that I’m preaching. Who’s more qualified to say this?”

He blames the state of the industry on the listeners who are easily manipulated.

“The fact is there’s more weak minds than ever before,” he says. “There’s more peons than ever before. And platforms like Twitter make you think otherwise.”

He then posts his song, “No Mo,” where he says he has already addressed these issues.

“Where the fuck is our common sense / All I see is our common sins / Excrement in our testaments / Scumbags is our common friends” he raps.