Kidd Kidd was arrested last Tuesday (June 30) prior to a concert in New York. 50 Cent performed in the G-Unit rapper’s place and bailed him out of jail the next morning.

Kidd Kidd took to Instagram yesterday (July 6) to thank the G-Unit boss.

“Now that I know what it is I know what to do and to move on,” he says under a picture of a man walking into light, “shot out to @50cent for being realler always and everybody that support me thanks to my fans I’m back in beast mode lets get back to this money I realized I had a lot of petty people in my life time to let go and let God.”

Kidd Kidd also reflects on what he learned from being in jail.

“Every night I was in there I thought about every mistake I made,” he writes under the first picture. “[I]t only took a week to see who really cared and who was there just for the attention for they own personal gain.”

“When shit get real you see who fake 100 (emoji) or nothin,” Kidd Kidd writes as the caption for a photo of him performing.


When shit get real you see who fake ?or nutin #loyaltyhasnoprice #RLLNR #RG #DAUNIT #THAMUSCLE

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