Prior to signing to the 50 Cent-led G-Unit Records as a solo act, New Orleans lyricist Kidd Kidd spent some time signed to Def Jam Records as a member of the rap group, Sqad Up. Kidd Kidd recalled the moment Sqad Up signed to Def Jam during an interview with This Is 50.

The Louisiana rapper says he went from “the block” to a first class flight that would eventually lead the group to an unexpected meeting with former Def Jam President, Jay Z.

“Yeah, like we was signed to Def Jam,” the rapper said. “Know what I’m saying? For a few months. That was when I was in a group. You know what I mean? Yeah, we was signed to Def Jam. Had a chance to meet Jay Z. That was my first time flying first class…I came outchea dirty too…I was still on the block, man.”

Kidd Kidd later shared the details of the group’s meeting with Jay, who opted to hear the group perform live rather than through recorded songs.

“We came up here. We met Jay Z,” Kidd Kidd said. “And that was something they didn’t even [tell] us…Went to the little office or whatever…He was like ‘Well, let me hear y’all.’ And that’s the thing, when he said ‘Let me hear y’all,’ they running to get the songs to play the songs. He was like ‘Nah, let me hear y’all’…All I’mma say is we got signed.”

Allegedly discovered by Young Money helmsman Lil Wayne, Kidd Kidd signed to G-Unit Records in 2011 after serving as one of the first artists signed to Young Money Entertainment. Although the New Orleans native has yet to release a studio album, he did release his Young World Order: Forever mixtape in November 2013.

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