CeeLo Green’s Heart Blanche is now available to stream via Spotify.

The Goodie Mob member’s new album features him looking back at his formative years on “Est. 1980s,” which references Run-DMC and Michael Jackson, among others.

The Heart Blanche stream is as follows:

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CeeLo Green’s Heart Blanche is now available for pre-order on iTunes.

The album is slated to have 15 tracks and no guest appearances, according to the tracklist. The singles “Robin Williams” and “Sign of the Times” have already been released.

Heart Blanche is CeeLo Green’s first album since 2012’s CeeLo’s Magic Moment and is scheduled for a November 13 release date.

The Heart Blanche tracklist is below:

  1. Heart Blanche Intro
  2. Est. 1980s
  3. Mother May I
  4. Working Class Heroes (Work)
  5. Tonight
  6. Robin Williams
  7. Sign of the Times
  8. CeeLo Green Sings the Blues
  9. Music To My Soul
  10. Race Against Time
  11. Better Late Than Never
  12. Smells Like Fire
  13. Purple Hearts (Soldier of Love)
  14. Thorns
  15. The Glory Games

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CeeLo Green announced the release date and revealed the cover art for Heart Blanche on social media today (September 23).

The album is slated for a November 13 release.

He has released the singles “Robin Williams” and “Sign of the Times” since announcing the project in June.

Heart Blanche will be the singer’s first solo album in three years. His last album was 2012’s CeeLo’s Magic Moment.

The Heart Blanche cover art and the rapper-singer’s tweets are below:

CeeLo Green Heart Blanche


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CeeLo Green’s team has announced the singer will release an album late this year, according to Billboard. This will be the singer‘s first solo album in three years.

“He’s really been hard at work,” Atlantic Records CEO/co-chairman Craig Kallman says. “We’ve got a big, big list of songs that we’ve been going through, and we’re kind of mixing the final songs now. We’re going to be imminently figuring out his marketing plan and single release schedule, and we’re looking at the fourth quarter.”

The album, Heart Blanche, is said to feature “See You Again‘”s Charlie Puth and Eminem-collaborator John Hill. The project will have a theme that runs the length of the album.

“It’s arguably the best piece of work he’s ever done,” says Green’s manager, Larry Mestel. “It’s very rare to find artists these days that focus on an album as a body of work. Most albums these days are just collections of songs, but that’s not the case here.”

The album comes a year after the Goodie Mob singer pled no contest to slipping ecstasy into a woman’s drink. CeeLo was put on three years probation.

In January, CeeLo put out TV on the Radio, which was quickly taken down. His team reports that its release was an accident and the project will be re-released after Heart Blanche.