Ten Run-DMC songs and two songs from gangster rap pioneer Schoolly D are slated to be released by Get On Down Records on “Black Friday” Record Store Day 2015 (November 27, 2015).

Run-DMC’s “The Singles Collection” 45 vinyl box includes 5 “big-hole” singles on black vinyl with picture sleeves. The singles from the Queens, New York trio of Run, DMC and Jam Master Jay are:

  • “It’s Like That” / “Sucker M.C.’s (Krush-Groove 1)” (custom Profile 45 sleeve) [1983]
  • “Here We Go (Live At The Funhouse)” / “Here We Go (Live At The Funhouse) [bleeped version]” (custom Profile 45 sleeve) [released in 1985, recorded August 5, 1983], promo only, first time ever on 7-inch
  • “Walk This Way” / “King Of Rock” (original 12-inch single picture sleeve) [1986]
  • “My Adidas” / “Peter Piper” (original 12-inch single picture sleeve) [1986]
  • “Run’s House” / “Beats To The Rhyme” (original 12-inch single picture sleeve) [1988]

“For our Jukebox 45s campaign, we focused exclusively on ’90s Hip Hop singles that were never originally available on 45,” Get On Down Records’ Matt Welch says in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “With the Run DMC Record Store Day set, we focused mainly on our favorite tracks so you have a mixture of songs that have and have not been previously released on 7”, but they are all classics nonetheless.”

Schoolly D’s “P.S.K. What Does It Mean?” and “Gucci Time” are being released as a split yellow and clear vinyl deluxe 12-Inch in celebration of the 30-year anniversary of the landmark gangster rap singles.

“We are huge Schoolly D fans here, and Philly rap fans in general,” Get On Down’s Papa D says in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “This [‘P.S.K.’] record does not get the respect in deserves in my opinion, so I am psyched that we are happy to re-present it for RSD. Its significance in terms of pioneering Gangsta Rap, the amazing drum programming and engineering, and the DIY-indy nature of it, right down to the cover illustrations by Schoolly himself, have all been overlooked and the record has not been championed as much as it should have been over the years, so we are excited to help it get some extra shine after 30 years.”  

Images of the Run-DMC and Schoolly D releases are as follows: