Tyler, The Creator has been banned from Australia, he announced today (July 27) via Twitter.

“T IS NOW BANNED FROM AUSTRALIA,” the rapper writes, “YOU WON @CoralieAlison IM HAPPY FOR YOU <3”

Coralie Alison is the director of operations at Collective Shout, a women’s rights group that petitioned for the Australian government to deny Tyler, The Creator a visa.

(The original article in this thread was published June 16, 2015 and is as follows.)

An Australian activist group is trying to stop Tyler, The Creator from coming to the country because he promotes violence against women, reports faster louder.

The group, Collective Shout, is petitioning prime minister Peter Dutton to deny the Tyler, The Creator a visa. The rapper is scheduled to tour Australia in September.

“He’s a controversial visa applicant,” Collective Shout co-founder Melinda Tankard Reist says to 3AW. “We believe he’s in breach of his visa conditions, which state very clearly that you cannot come here and propagate, vilify or incite discord in the Australian community.”

Australia has started the White Ribbon campaign, a national initiative to stop violence against women. The country observes White Ribbon Day on November 25 to create awareness of the issue. The mission is to make “women’s safety a man’s issue, too.”

“What is the point of trying to stop the epidemic of violence against women when you allow, rollout the red carpet for a singer who glorifies misogyny, degrades women for entertainment?” Tankard Reist says.

She also says the rapper has incited riots, including at SXSW in 2014. She says that even though the rapper has never faced criminal charges, he is still a criminal.

“We believe the damage is done by degrading women,” Tankard Reist says, “by treating them as sex objects, by grooming boys into a sense of entitlement to the bodies of women and girls. Research shows that attitudes influence behavior. He’s contributing to a hostile cultural landscape for women and girls.”

Odd Future, of which Tyler, The Creator is a member, was banned from New Zealand and was deemed “a potential threat to public order.” New Zealand is an island next to Australia.

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