Today (June 10) marks the seventh anniversary of Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III and Only Hip Hop Facts took the time to share 10 facts that most people probably don’t know about the album.

“[Lil Wayne] spoke his platinum status into existence becoming one of the few Hip Hop artists to accomplish such a feat,” the article says of the album’s success. “Alongside Eminem and 50 Cent, The Cash Money veteran who had been rapping since the age of 11 finally became collectively recognized among the greats on an international scale.”

Lil Wayne didn’t like the original version of “Lollipop.” Then, producer Deezle added drums and snares to Jim Jonsin’s beat “to liven it up.”

“I kind of felt disrespected, like, ‘Why the fuck would you do that?,'” Jonsin says. “‘I’m an established guy, and you know what my drums sound like.’ But, Wayne decided to go another route and have Deezle add his stuff to it, and you know, that’s cool. Obviously, the record was a smash, so everyone’s contribution to it was great. I’m thankful for that.”

Two of the beats on the album were originally intended for other artists. David Banner created the “La La” beat for the Shrek 3 soundtrack and the Swizz Beatz -produced “Dr. Carter” was meant for Jay Z. Wayne snatched them both, buying Banner’s beat on the spot.

Also, Lil Wayne had to tell Kanye West to stop sending beats for the album.

“The first visit…he gave me like 5 joints,” the New Orleans rapper says. “The second visit he came, he gave me a CD with 15 joints on there. I had to tell him, ‘Slow your roll. Like, stop.  Just please stop. Can you leave me alone? Please.'”

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