Rabat, Morocco

Montreality recently caught up with Pharrell Williams during a press conference for Mawazine Festival in Morocco.

The Canada-based media outlet recorded Pharrell speaking about his contribution to Kendrick Lamar’s latest album, To Pimp A Butterfly.

P is credited as a producer on K.Dot’s TPAB cut “Alright.”

He says the beat was inspired by one of his assistants that “really likes trap music.”

“I wanted to do something that felt like it was in that vein, but a little bit more colorful,” Pharrell says. “It had Rhodes and instruments that aren’t usually used in that style of music and just try to bring something a little bit more mystical.

“I kind of had my A Tribe Called Quest hat on that day,” he adds. “I’m a huge Q-Tip fan.”
Kendrick was recently spotted shooting the video for his Pharrell-produced track “Alright” in downtown Los Angeles.
Watch Pharrell’s interview below:

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