Beatsmith Alchemist has worked with Hip Hop titans like Nas, Eminem, Prodigy and Action Bronson, among others. Aside from producing four studio albums, Alchemist has contributed to over a dozen more.

During the debut episode of ItsTheReal’s podcast, “A Waste Of Time”, the Beverly Hills-bred beat maker told the hosts Eric and Jeff Rosenthal about a Jay Z collaboration that never came to fruition. Instead, the track, “We Gonna Make It” ultimately landed in Jadakiss and Styles P’s hands.

Before Jay Z or Jadakiss heard the track, Nas had a chance to make the song his.

“I laid that beat for Nas,” Alchemist recalls. “I had the beat, I knew it was dope. I played it for Nas… He and Horse said it’s gonna be a solo song.”

Two weeks later, Alchemist returned to find out the track had been given to another artist. He declined that collaboration and was introduced to Jadakiss by a friend.

Alchemist played several tracks for Jada at the studio in Yonkers and the Lox rapper turned his favorite beat into “We Gonna Make It”, a single off of his debut album Kiss Tha Game Goodbye.

Check out the interview below.

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