Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP was released 15 years ago today (May 22, 2000). Count singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran among the acclaimed album’s fans.

“One of my favorite albums is The Marshall Mathers LP by Eminem,” the “Thinking Out Loud” singer says during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “There’s so many waves and dips and different sounds that make it interesting—for me, anyway. And it’s the same if you listen to any Michael Jackson or Stevie Wonder record.”

Sheeran also has an unfinished collaborative project with The Game, his favorite rapper to listen to.

“He’s a very emotive rapper,” Sheeran says. “You feel everything he says. He’s my go-to. And I ended up making a whole album with him that I hope sees the light of day soon. We need to mix it, but that was fun. And very out of the ordinary for both of us.”

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