Cam’ron insists the last album he’ll make is Purple Haze 2.

He’s not quite sure when it will surface, but the Dipset rapper recently told REVOLT he’s been prepping multiple projects in the mean time.

Cam says he and A-Trak still plan to finish their joint EP, Federal Reserve. They announced the project nearly a year ago.

“He had some touring he needed to do,” Cam says. “Dipset stuff presented an opportunity, so therefore we stopped. We stopped what we was doing to attend our personal business but we’re going to get back on top of that.

Federal Reserve is now slated to be released this fall, “hopefully,” Cam says.

Purple Haze 2 could see a December release. “If not,” Cam says, “it’ll come out in April (2016).

“We’ll definitely put out a solo Cam project December, not sure if it’s going to be my final project ,Purple Haze 2, which will be my final project.”

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