With Suge Knight’s near-future prospects for a life outside of prison looking more and more bleak by the day, at least one person is reveling in his misfortune.

Jerry Heller, who has had a notorious beef with the Death Row Records founder since he allegedly shook down Eazy-E for Dr. Dre’s release from a record contract, hinted that Knight’s current legal troubles are payback.

“Instant karma,” Heller told TMZ. “This is like O.J. It’s payback time.”

Asked how Eazy-E might have reacted to Knight’s current criminal charges, Heller said, “I think that Eric is looking down and smiling.”

As for the N.W.A. biopic, Straight Outta Compton, in which he is sure to play a prominent role despite having had no part in the production process, Heller again suggested the possibility of legal action against the film.

“No he’s a very good actor,” Heller said of Paul Giamatti who will play him in the movie. “But as I told you before, until I see the movie, since they didn’t ask me to be involved, I’m gonna reserve judgement until my lawyers and I see the movie.”

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