Recently catching up with VladTV, New Orleans, Louisiana rapper Turk recalled the supposed feud that existed between Cash Money Records and No Limit Records during the latter stages of the ‘90s.

When asked about the assumed beef, Turk was quick to state that no tensions existed between the artists on the respective labels, instead pointing the blame to label heads Master P and Bryan “Birdman” Williams.

“I wouldn’t say the artists didn’t get along, I would say probably [Master] P and Baby [Birdman], they probably had their reasons as [to] why we never did anything together,” Turk says. “If Cash Money and No Limit were to [have] come together, we wouldn’t have been able to be stopped I believe.”

Earlier this year, Master P jumped on the remix for Turk’s “Wodie” record. However, when asked about the possibility of signing to P’s No Limit imprint, Turk was quick to shoot down such a proposition.

“Nah because I’m kind of skeptical of signing with anybody because I know so much about it [so] now I can really do it on my own,” he says. “I don’t think P is in the business of signing artists anymore anyway.”

Turk’s interview with VladTV can be viewed below:

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