From Hip Hop to movies to television, LL Cool J has just about done it all.

Currently, LL stars on the CBS drama “NCIS: Los Angeles” and serves as producer and host of “Lip Sync Battle.” 

On Monday, LL appeared on “CBS This Morning” where he explained how Hip Hop has served as the foundation for his acting endeavors. Without it, he says, he wouldn’t be doing what he’s doing now.

“Hip-hop is just another way of expressing yourself, right? It is a lifestyle and it is a culture, but the rap aspects of it are just a way of expressing yourself,” he said. “Coming from the inner city, necessity is the mother of invention and creativity is found in dire circumstances, I think, stimulate a lot of creativity, so it’s not surprising hip-hop grew out of all of this turmoil.”

On “Lip Sync Battle” LL watches as guests attempt to perform songs from a variety of genres – Hip Hop included. Each of the first four episodes have garnered nearly 2 million viewers with entertaining guests like Common, Jimmy Fallon, John Legend, Dwayne Johnson and Mike Tyson.

Surprised by the show’s immediate acclaim, LL said, “I never knew that the show was going to have the success that it’s having. I’m very, very grateful and happy that happened.”