LL Cool J is slated to host the 57th Grammy Awards this evening (February 8) in Los Angeles. It will be his fourth appearance as host but he says it never gets old.

Recently speaking with Forbes, the emcee-turned-actor and award show host reflected on his time as a host of music’s biggest award ceremony and says Sunday’s edition is the 10th he has been involved in.

“Between the Grammy nomination show, the Beatles special, and the Christmas special, Ken Ehrlich [the producer of the show] and I have developed a relationship and a certain amount of trust,” he said when asked about his earliest involvement with the Grammy’s. “I co-produced on some of those other shows. He trusted my opinion and he let me contribute to the process. Eventually I went from hosting the smaller shows to being able to host the biggest show.”

Also during the interview LL Cool J talked about his forthcoming album and says he’s “having a lot of fun” creating it and not rushing it.

“I’m working on G.O.A.T. 2. I’m taking my time with it,” he said. “I’m having a lot of fun, and I have some really cool people on the record. It’s coming together slowly, so we’ll see. When it’s ready, I’ll put it out.

“It can be really tough. You’ll find a lot of artists that aren’t completely happy with their records. You have hits, you have flops. You have hits that you thought were going to be flops and flops that you really thought were going to be hits, and everything in between.”