Vince Staples isn’t impressed with many Hip Hop concerts these days.

During a recent interview with HotNewHipHop, Vince described a Diana Ross show he attended with family as “the best concert I ever been to.”

“Diana Ross was lit,” he says within the 19-minute sit down. “That was crazy.They had food, they had chairs. There was drunk people pop-locking. Diana Ross got the best show.

“Her and Justin Timberlake put on a better show than any rapper I ever seen in my life.”

Aside from praising J.T. and Diana Ross, Staples went on to share his feelings on whether or not certain west coast rappers glorify the violence, crime, and drugs within their communities. Vince believes it’s an act.

“Rappers act hard on purpose to try to scare you,” he explains. “It’s a scary movie. They want it to be a scary movie… Niggas like YG, niggas say ‘YG is glorifying it. Oh, this nigga tryna be hard.’ It sound like party music to me. Schoolboy Q not trying to glorify no shit, he just trying to have a good time. Kendrick these stories is being told, I feel like we over that.”

Vince referred to Snoop Dogg’s “Gin n’ Juice” video as a more accurate portrayal of the region. “When Snoop Dogg came out he was on a bike trying to go to a house party, that’s real,” he says. “All that other shit just makes people look bad.”

Vince also tells HNHH about his encounter with Kanye West. Since Vince’s manager knows ‘Ye very well, a meeting was arranged.

“He’s cool,” Vince says of Kanye. “Yeah, we talked. He played me his album… the new one. It’s pretty much the same thing that’s coming out now.”

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