Just over six months after “YOLO” was added to The Oxford English Dictionary’s online edition, the catchphrase is again taking center stage. This time, questions are being asked as to whether or not Drake invented the famed phrase which is an acronym for “You Only Live Once”.

TMZ spoke with ABC’s Shark Tank star and CEO of FUBU clothing line Daymond John in New York City who recalled using the phrase on the reality television series back in 2009.

“I think in ‘09 I said YOLO first and then my favorite rapper used that and then the other day on BuzzFeed the President himself used that,” Daymond John says. “So I guess I can say I made up another phrase besides FUBU.

“We used to use that around the office and then I put it on Shark Tank and then like I said my favorite rapper used it and the President used it,” he adds. “[I’m not getting] no checks [or] no royalties for that [laughs].”

Ever since Drake first used the phrase on the Grammy-nominated record “The Motto” in 2011, there have been numerous arguments as to whether or not it was Drake who coined the term. At the end of 2012, Complex compiled a list of 11 instances where the acronym was used before 2011.

TMZ’s video can be seen below:

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