The Oxford English Dictionary just got a little thicker, or at least the online database has incrementally more words as Drake’s famous term “YOLO” was recently added to their online edition.

The acronym for “You Only Live Once” will now be among other phrases such as FML, SMH and other real words. Kanye West’s term “Cray” also made it to the online dictionary. The term comes from the song “N***as In Paris” and subsequently became widely used in popular culture.

“Amazeballs,” “binge-watch,” “hate-watch,” and “douchebaggery” were also terms added to the website.



Drake’s first public use of the phrase was back in 2011 on the track “The Motto” from his album Take Care. There’s been a bit of controversy as to whether Drake actually coined the phrase. Complex compiled a list of 11 instances where the acronym was used before 2011.

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