J Dilla’s longtime friend and road manager, Dave New York shed light on a potential Dilla and Dr. Dre collaboration that never materialized. In an exclusive conversation with HipHopDX, Dave NY revealed that former Aftermath artist, Bishop Lamont attempted to bring the two legendary producers together.

“Bishop Lamont was trying to make that happen,” he said. “Dilla is the one that brought me and Bishop to become the brothers that we have become. Chris Barnett, 007, who used to manage Styles Of Beyond and worked at Ecko Utd., he’s still a good friend of mine and he put me on to Bishop Lamont’s music and told me he was signed to Aftermath… When Dilla passed away, Bishop was at the house. I’m like, ‘And you are?’ He’s like, ‘Sorry, I’m Bishop Lamont.’ I’m like, ‘Oh damn. I’m Dave New York.’ He just hugged me like, ‘I feel like I’ve known you for years.’ He had heard so much about me and I heard so much about him.

“Dilla and Bishop were not just talking about getting a beat or two for Bishop’s album,” continued Dave New York. “They were talking about doing a project together. I think that if Dilla would’ve stayed healthy enough, I think that he would have been in the studio with Bishop and Dr. Dre and they would’ve been banging out a project or a couple of projects.”

Dave New York is currently curating the 1st Annual Dilla Day LA, which will take place on February 13, 2015 at the Regent Theater in Downtown Los Angeles, California. The event which is also hosted by Dave NY, will feature performances by Elzhi, Bishop Lamont, J Rocc, Guilty Simpson, Frank Nitt, among others.

Dilla Day LA is a celebration of the life and music of J. Dilla, who passed away in 2006 from Lupus-related complications.

Tickets for Dilla Day LA are currently available at TheRegentTheater.com. The event is open to all ages. View the flyer below.

Dilla Day LA