Aftermath signee Bishop Lamont is a very skilled emcee but he’s the beneficiary of a lot of luck as well.

The South Central, Los Angeles native signed to Dr. Dre’s Aftermath imprint after meeting him on set of The Game’s “Dreams” video shoot. What’s ironic is Lamont was actually looking for Kanye West that day and not the West Coast godfather.

“I met Dre by accident at the ‘Dreams’ video [shoot], I was looking for Kanye [West],” he said when asked about meeting Dr. Dre the first time during an interview with HipHopDX via DX Daily. “And he was like Kanye ain’t showing up here nigga. We broke onto the video set. Shout out to DJ Rampage. The golf cart hit on that bitch.”

Lamont continued by explaining that he gave Dre his demo disk after unsuccessfully finding Kanye. It would be months later before Bishop heard back from him but it wouldn’t be long after that he would sign with Aftermath.

“I was tired of sitting on the set waiting for Kanye to show up because Common somehow got a mixtape of mine and was playing it while they was on tour doing some shit and Kanye had heard and I got word and I was trying to get to Kanye but he for some reason wasn’t there for the video,” he explained. “On my way out I seen Dre and I was like, ‘Fuck it, here.” And then a couple of months later, on Power 106, he announced it. Weird shit. It’s crazy how that works.”

Bishop Lamont is slated to release his forthcoming album, The (P)reformation this year, according to DX Editor-in-Chief Justin Hunte.

Watch the video segment below: