While fans are still waiting for information concerning the release of new music, A$AP Rocky has been making headlines for his role in the buzzed about Sundance hit Dope.

The film, in which Rocky makes his official acting debut, has been dubbed a Hip Hop-themed coming-of-age tale and also stars Rocky’s ex-girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret model Chanel Iman.

Speaking with The New York Times about landing the job, Rocky admitted to pursuing the role himself.

“I was helping Chanel with her lines, and there was one role where I was like, ‘Oh, this dumb kid, he seems a little interesting. I want to go for it,'” Rocky said. “I was actually in London recording my album, and I figured I’d just send a video in. So I sent two videos, and they liked them. And two months later, when I flew to L.A., I met up with Rick and did an audition in front of him, and he just decided to go with me. To be honest with you, I was worried that I didn’t get the role. I was pissed.”

During the interview, Rocky explained that he was notified he received the part via text message.

“He wrote me, like, ‘Congratulations, Dom,'” the A$AP emcee said. “And I was like, ‘What? Did I get him correct just now? Am I trippin’? Am I buggin’?'”

As for his future acting endeavors, Rocky referenced Kid Cudi as a rapper-turned-actor he admires and alluded to a different genre of films he’d be interested to appear in down the line.

“I like sci-fi films,” he said. “I like action-packed thrillers—with, like, conspiracy theories. If I’m starring in a movie, I just want people to understand that I’m not a celebrity trying to use his status to finagle his way into Hollywood, you know? I really want to start from the bottom.

“I really like the way Pharrell does things,” he added, speaking about other musicians branching outside of music. “Starting out as a music producer, and then around 2000 trying to rap, to going into doing, like, sing-y songs and really nailing it. That was really impressive. I love what Kid Cudi’s doing, because Cudi is just always on the scene. Movies here and there, short films, big cinema films, Hollywood blockbusters. His music is always good. That’s as far as Hip Hop goes, but if you want to talk about in general? Michael Jackson.”

At the end of the interview, Rocky also offered another comment on the recent passing of A$AP Yams and distanced himself from comparisons to Tupac Shakur.

“All I can tell you is that A$AP Yams was one of the most influential Hip Hop pioneers of today,” he said. “I have him and Danger Mouse executive chef-ing this mystical magical piece that we call art, my music today. And that’s all I’m really gonna say, man. It’s not what it used to be. For Tupac to do what he did, I commend him. I have nothing but respect. That’s also why I didn’t come out with my name, Rakim, because those shoes are too big to fill. So I’m just trying to pioneer my own legacy.”

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