The Brooklyn District Attorney’s office has announced that a gun case involving Bobby Shmurda will be dismissed in the coming weeks, according to Revolt.

Shmurda remains incarcerated at Rikers Island in New York after being arrested last month following an investigation by the NYPD and special Narcotics Gang Unit. The Brooklyn case set to be dismissed by the Brooklyn D.A. alleged that Shmurda, whose given name is Ackquille Pollard, fired a gun at a crowd of people near a barber shop.

Shmurda still faces the charges levied against him and his fellow GS9 members which include gun possession, murder, and conspiracy. The 20-year old rapper is currently being held on $2 million bail.

The rapper’s lawyer, Howard Greenberg, also told Revolt that Shmurda is set for his upcoming trial date later this month.

“Brooklyn is done and now it’s on to Manhattan, where we need to teach these adversaries a lesson,” he said.

Greenberg also denied rumors that Shmurda was recently released on bail and separately that he had been critically injured in a jail brawl.

“Bullshit,” Greenberg said. “Saw him yesterday (January 20) in court. He looked fantastic.”

In a separate statement, Greenberg recently told XXL about upcoming plans for Shmurda’s defense.

“The intermediate plan is if there is a superseding indictment on the 29th is to enter a plea of not guilty,” he said. “The long term plan is to kick some ass and take no prisoners.”

For a full breakdown of Shmurda’s arrest last month, watch the following DX Daily: