While appearing on the Murder Master Music Show this week, Da Mafia 6ix member DJ Paul was asked about comments he made exclusively to HipHopDX this week about an interview Project Pat took part in.

During Project Pat’s interview, the Memphis, Tennessee rapper stated that Juicy J would not be a part of DJ Paul’s alleged Three 6 Mafia reunion. According to DJ Paul, who has since revealed that there will be no Three 6 Mafia reunion, Project Pat may have been high during his interview.

DJ Paul also questioned why Project Pat would speak on the reunion of a group he was never a member of.

“As far as me and Pat, it ain’t nothing to talk about,” DJ Paul said. “He said what he wanted to say. I did my interview. I said what I wanted to say. It was never a big deal to me in the first place…I’m like ‘You was never in Three 6 Mafia. So, you wasn’t gonna be a part of it anyway.’ It’s not for him to decide what Juicy is. What Juicy gon’ do…It looked like he was high or something on the interview because it was like he was falling asleep or something. And see, he don’t get high. He never have. So, maybe he started getting high and it just—I don’t know. You just don’t know, man. You never know with people these days.”

After speaking on Project Pat’s comments, DJ Paul was asked if he’ll be contributing to the new Rocky film. In 2006, Three 6 Mafia’s “It’s A Fight” was featured on the Rocky Balboa soundtrack.

DJ Paul revealed that he was unaware of the new Rocky film, but did share a short story about an encounter with Sylvester Stallone.

“I’ll never forget what Sylvester Stallone said to me when we was getting ready to leave,” he said. “We was getting in my car and he was standing beside his car…And then he just bust out and he said—He was like ‘So, you guys won the Oscar? Enjoy it. It goes fast. Enjoy it. It goes fast.’ I was like ‘I’ll keep that in mind.’”

DJ Paul’s interview on the Murder Master Music Show can be found below.

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