Project Pat said that Juicy J would not be part of DJ Paul’s reunion of Three 6 Mafia members during an interview with Vlad TV last month.

During an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, DJ Paul says that Pat’s comments were misconstrued.

“People make it seem like a more big of a deal than it really was,” DJ Paul says. “I haven’t talked to him in four or five years, so I’m wondering what happened between November–when that [Da Mafia 6ix’s 6ix Commandments] tape dropped–to November of this year, for you to just come out like ‘Ah, I don’t fuck with this dude, period’ or ‘Fuck this dude’ or whatever, within a year, when I haven’t talked to or seen him in a year. I just don’t know where some of the actions come from on that side. I don’t even talk to him about this or that or whatever. So, the whole thing is funny to me.”

Regardless of Pat’s comments, DJ Paul says that he still respects both Project Pat and Juicy J, both of whom were featured on Da Mafia 6ix’s 6ix Commandments mixtape.

I got a lot of love for Pat and always will–we made a lot of hits together,” DJ Paul says. “You know, [Pat’s] ‘Don’t Save Her,’ I wrote and produced it for him. It’s my voice on the hook. Me and Juicy produced Mista Don’t Play [Everythangs Workin] with him, every single project–all his albums. Every single Project Pat album cover, I physically hand-drew and designed myself. Every single one, from Ghetty Green to Layin Da Smack Down to Mista Don’t Play–all of them. I was the one on the phone with Pen & Pixel at my mother’s house, using the fax machine, faxing hand-drawn pictures to them. So, whatever. The whole thing’s just funny and I don’t know where none of it come from.”

DJ Paul also said that given Juicy J’s success, he was not anticipating Juicy J working with the rest of the crew at this point.

“I already knew there wasn’t gonna be no Three 6 Mafia reunion, so I hadn’t never even spoke about that,” DJ Paul says. “On my Instagram, when fans be asking, ‘Is there gon’ be a reunion,’ I’ll just be like, ‘Probably not.’ I mean, probably not if you’re doing a song with some of these folks, like some of the people Juicy doing songs with. You know, he good, but you doing a song with Katy Perry or someone like that and you doing good, you ain’t gonna be in no rush to go to no studio full of those niggas doing cocaine and arguing and fighting. Well, it’s not like that anymore, but that’s kinda how crazy the group was as he might remember then when we were all together 14 years ago.”

Even though they are not actively working together, DJ Paul says that he and Juicy J still have a good relationship.

I still talk to Juice,” DJ Paul says. “I talk to Juice maybe once a month. I ain’t talked to Pat. I really don’t have a reason to talk to him. Like, I was cool and still wanted to stay in touch with him on the cool ‘cause him and I used to talk like we was brothers. We used to talk all the time. We used to talk on the phone all the time, especially when we was writing the albums, coming up with ideas and all that. All the sudden, it just stopped, for whatever reason.  I’m not trippin’ because I’m not a nigga that need no friends anyway. Everybody need a partner–some partners and some homies–but nobody needs friends.

“I’ve got so much for love for Juice, he could slap a family member or two and I still would ride on his side because most people be mad at their family members anyway [laughs],” he continues. “Not no kids or nothing, but I’d let him get away with a family member or two smacked.”

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