Lil Wayne says that he does not recall the details of the string of seizures he suffered in 2013.

“I don’t remember anything about the experience,” Lil Wayne says during an interview from NYLON Guys that was excerpted on “I don’t mean to sound bad, but it wasn’t no life-changing thing. I shot myself when I was 12. I grew up in Hollygrove. I’ve seen way worse.”

NYLON Guys interviewed the YMCMB rapper at his Miami residence, where he also discussed his dedication to music. 

“When I first started doing it, you only did it to be the best—not to have a hot song or popularity or for Instagram or Twitter,” the New Orleans rapper says. “I’m one of thelast of a dying breed…the ones who are only about the music. You have to want to be unforgettable. The only other people who I can think of like that are Kanye and Beyonce.”

As far back as August, Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter V album was slated to be released in October, but it has yet to arrive.

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