With the release of their sixth group album, A Better Tomorrow, today (December 2), Dash Radio and DJ Skee have announced and unveiled a pop-up Wu-Tang Clan station dedicated to the group.

The Wu Week station is already live and will play new and old songs from Wu-Tang Clan and its members all week. In addition to the curated playlist, listeners can tune in for commentary and stories about the group’s music from the rappers themselves.

“Wu-Tang is always at the forefront of technology as it relates to getting our music out there,” RZA said in a statement about the venture. “We love the idea of exposing our new album via a dedicated radio station on the new platform Dash Radio. May this exposure inspire you to listen and inspire you to obtain A Better Tomorrow.”

Dash Radio CEO DJ Skee added on, saying, “I am extremely excited not only from the Dash Radio company perspective, but as a lifelong Wu-Tang Clan fan to partner with one of the most impactful and influential groups of all time. Wu-Tang has always been ahead of the curve with everything they do, thus making it a perfect match to team up with the future of radio in Dash.”

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