The possibility of Los Angeles, California rapper Game rejoining G-Unit has remained bleak, but one G-Unit affiliate says the possibility of such a reunion is a mere phone call away.

During a newly-released interview with, DJ Whoo Kid spoke on the reunion of G-Unit and the chances of Game joining the group he was once a part of. According to Whoo Kid, he’s not sure if a full reunion will go down, but he did reveal that the situation is “at phone call level.”

“Everybody’s back together,” DJ Whoo Kid said. “It’s still one more person. We don’t know if that’s gonna go down, but they’re definitely all together…One more person, but other than that it’s a good look. They’re doing their homework. They doing music. They in the studio. I was in the studio last week. There were a lot of joints. A lot of collabos with other artists too… Even when they were separated the phone call level has always put them together, so it’s at phone call level. So, we’ll see what happens. I’m just talking shit because I should have never brought it up.”

In regards to his status at G-Unit, DJ Whoo Kid says he’s “G-Unit til I die” and although he isn’t always on stage with the group, he helps with marketing, promotions, production, and other areas.

The deejay/radio host gave an update on his status at G-Unit after he was asked if he plans on leaving Shade 45 when G-Unit begins touring.

“I have a meeting with them next week,” he said when asked about his Shade 45 gig. “Cause I’m doing like a million things…I gotta find some time in my schedule, so we’ll talk about it next week. But I have not left the Unit. I’m always gonna be G-Unit until I die. I’ve been with them almost like 13 years. So, all those people that don’t see me with them—But I’m always G-Unit. Whether you like it or not. I run his radio show. I’m on call. I do production, promotions, marketing. I’m just not physically on stage, but I am G-Unit til I die. So, I just wanna make that clear.”

Although DJ Whoo Kid revealed that Game reuniting with G-Unit is a phone call away, other members of the group haven’t been as welcoming to the idea of a G-Unit reunion with Game.

During an interview with Hot 97 last month, Tony Yayo referred to Game as “a snake” and revealed that his issue with the rapper is “deeper than rap.”

And at the top of this year, 50 Cent revealed that he’ll “never work” with Game again, during an interview with Complex.


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