DJ Whoo Kid has been working with 50 Cent for more than a decade. The two Queens, New Yorkers have gotten into several fights, even though most of them have happened out of the limelight.

“I’ve pissed 50 Cent off plenty of times and it’s always over some bullshit that the crowd doesn’t even know about,” DJ Whoo Kid says in an interview with BallerStatus. “He is such a perfectionist, so I can’t blame him. There was this one time — and it wasn’t even my fault because we had a production issue. The stage hand that operates the sound wasn’t muting the ‘Many Men’ volume from the video. While I would play the song, the audio from the video would be playing too. This idiot kept forgetting to hit mute, and after the third date, 50 starts getting pissed at me. I was sitting on top of the stage and there was this fire pole separating us, so he couldn’t punch me yet. Sometimes he’ll try to grab me or play fight, so after the show he grabbed me. The lights go out — and this is in Toronto by the way — I come down the pole, and my boy was like ’50 wants to see you.’ I go see 50 and he’s like, ‘Why you fucking everything up every show?’ Remember that rumor that 50 punched Lloyd Banks and he were leaving G-Unit? Well what really happened was 50 pushed me down, thinking that I fucked up the show. It was dark back there and I knocked into Banks and people thought 50 pushed Banks. Finally, 50 watched the show footage and saw that the sound guy was fucking up.”

DJ Whoo Kid says that he doesn’t know what happened to the sound guy, other than he got fired. The DJ never got an apologize from 50 Cent about the incident, though.

“The funny thing about 50 is that he will never say sorry, ever,” DJ Whoo Kid says. “50 knew I was so furious at him after all this shit. I was like, ‘Fuck you, nigga.’ That was in my head though (laughs), I didn’t say that to him. He knew I was mad, so this is how he says sorry: He puts his hand on my head and says, ‘I love you, man.’ 50 never says sorry, but we’ve been touring for like 10 years. So, we have this real relationship. That is just the perfectionist in him, but he’ll never say sorry. If I’m off by one beat, he’ll stop the show and call me an asshole even if I just did two hours perfect.”

DJ Whoo Kid doesn’t have the same history with Nas, but he crossed paths with Nas at SXSW last month. He wasn’t sure how Nas would react to seeing him. 

“I haven’t seen him since forever,” he says. “I said some shit in the past, but we both from Queens and we worked together in the past. I wasn’t sure if we were cool now or not, so when I saw him I hid behind a bush. Nas saw me and he was like, ‘Man, come from outta those bushes.’ I guess we are all good now, we are about to work together on some shit.”

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