In the latest edition of Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz’s The Brilliant Idiot podcast, Charlamagne claims that Nicki Minaj called his superiors at Power 105.1 after he criticized her “Anaconda” single. Explaining his thoughts on her music, Charlamagne also referred to himself as an “objective fan.”

“Me and Nicki Minaj, I got love mad love for Nicki Minaj even though she ain’t fucking with me right now,” he said. “She unfollowed me on Twitter. She’s made calls to people in radio, people that I work for, and said she’s never coming on the Breakfast Club again.”

“I know she got upset when I said I thought ‘Anaconda’ was corny,” Charlamagne added. “But my exact synopsis on ‘Anaconda’ when it first came out was, ‘I’m not really feeling this record. It’s not for me. It’s for girls, it’s for kids, it’s for people who like to shake their ass.’ I said when the video comes out, I will probably appreciate this song more. But I said, ‘This song is going to work, I just think its corny.’ That’s what I said. Then, when the BET Awards came around I said I think Iggy Azalea should have won Best Female Hip Hop Artist at the BET Awards ‘cause she has had a better year than Nicki Minaj thus far. I still feel that way. I also said during that time period that Nicki Minaj is the King of New York because when I saw her perform at Summer Jam, I’m like, ‘Yo, she really own that motherfucking stage.’ She had the records…she was really dominating. If being the King of New York still means something, she was the King of New York. Therefore I’m an objective fan. We’ve talked about Stans before. Stans cannot see anything wrong with their favorite artists.”

Earlier in the show, Charlamagne also revisited his recent back-and-forth with Peter Rosenberg over the Hot 97 personality’s decision to air out information about Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa’s split.

“When you hear that headline, ‘Amber Rose Caught Wiz Khalifa With Twin Sisters, Says Friend,’ what gender do you think said friend is?” Charlamagne asked on the podcast. “It’s not a girl man. It’s a bitch. But it’s not a girl. A dude. He claims to be Amber Rose’s friend.”

After reading segments of an article on air, Charlamagne pointed again to Rosenberg and chastised the Maryland native for making public the news about Rose and Khalifa. 

“Now you know who it is, say his name ‘cause I won’t,” he said. “Yes man. Rosey. That’s his name from now on: Roseybitch. Roseybitch snitched. Listen, this is so bad that I started to email him ‘cause me and Roseybitch we do email each other from time to time about certain things. I started to email him, but then, you know that saying, ‘When you see an enemy making a mistake you let them.’ Plus, the mistake has already been made. Like, dog, mind your fucking business when it comes to other people’s relationships.

“According to this article, Amber told him this,” Charlamagne continued. “He took it to the radio and says it like it’s a fact ‘cause he’s upset that people are saying that Amber Rose cheated with Nick Cannon. Mind you, when Amber sent out those Tweets last week and she said, ‘Yo, the reports about me are not true. I would never cheat on my husband but my husband can’t say the same.’ That was enough for me. I believed Amber. I’m like, ‘Alright, he got caught cheating.’ Now we have the discussion of, is cheating a deal breaker? I don’t think it should be. But that’s between them two.”

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