Puff Daddy called Jennifer Lopez’s “Booty” incredible and J. Lo responded by saying she’s happy they’re friends. Meanwhile, Big Fendi said Nicki Minaj was “brainwashed” by Debra Antney. Elsewhere, Chris Brown’s family and girlfriend fear his alleged gang affiliations might hurt the singer’s career. 

Puff Daddy Calls Jennifer Lopez “Booty” Incredible; J. Lo Reacts

Puff Daddy and Jennifer Lopez made headlines this week. When asked to comment on his former girlfriend’s “Booty” music video, Diddy offered praise and said he’s grateful to have dated the singer-actress. J. Lo was then asked to respond to his commentary. She also offered kind words, saying she’s glad they remain friends despite ending their romantic relationship years ago.

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Nicki Minaj Was Brainwashed, Former Manager Big Fendi Says

Nicki Minaj is “brainwashed,” according to her former manager Big Fendi. Fendi spoke with Power 105’s Breakfast Club about how he feels Nicki Minaj has been brainwashed by Debra Antney. “Debbie called me up two weeks later like ‘Oh, I like your artist,’” Big Fendi said. “Cause I gave her the mixtape. She was like ‘I like your artist. We need to set up a meeting’…Nicki went out there and then Debbie brainwashed her. Debbie got out there—Debbie got her little tactics. Debbie hit her with the ‘Nicki Minaj, I don’t know about that name. He’s trying to take you in the wrong direction.’ So, I’m like ‘Hold on, Debbie. You my homegirl. How you poisoning my artist after I put you on to her’…Meanwhile, my contract with Wayne/Young Money is still moving. So, basically she tried to wait til my contract expired before she signed with Young Money…I still got that contract to this day. That’s what I’m in court with.”

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Chris Brown’s Family & Girlfriend Fear Alleged Gang Affiliation’s Aftermath

This week, Chris Brown’s girlfriend, model Karrueche Tran, and his family members reportedly voiced their concerns regarding the singer’s alleged Blood affiliation. They reportedly believe that his rumored gang ties may end up hurting his career and his life. Since this story was released, it was also reported that Brown has denied being a gang member.

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