A concert held by rapper Webbie at the 20/20 Club in Odessa, Texas was cut short this month when the crowd began to act out violently. According to TMZ, the Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper was in the middle of his performance when a fight between fans broke out.

TMZ also obtained video footage of the brawl, which shows the crowd dispersing as a handful of individuals begin to throw bar stools. In a separate video, which was posted on YouTube, it appears that those in the crowd were sprayed with mace at one point.

As a result of the incident, which did not appear to directly involve Webbie, the Trill Entertainment emcee was banned from the venue.

TMZ also reports that the manager for the 20/20 Club said he doesn’t welcome “ghetto stuff” into his club, so he has also banned all other rap acts from performing at the venue.

At least five people were arrested during the fight. It is unclear how many injuries resulted due to the brawl.

This doesn’t serve as the first time a Webbie concert has ended in violence. Back in 2011, a Webbie performance at East St. Louis, Illinois’ Blackmon’s Plaza ended with both a fight inside the club and a shooting outside the club.

As a result of the shooting, a security guard was struck by a bullet and hospitalized.

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