Flushing, Queens native Action Bronson is known to have a bionic leg and to a lesser extent been a power lifter back in the day.

Recently sitting down with Hot 97, Bronson described his old workout regimen and said he needs to lose some weight.

“I have to drop pounds but 315 (pounds), I’m still a strong 315,” Bronson said. “I used to love to workout. [My ideal way to would out would be] I would take growth hormones every single day and you would work out a little something and you would be freaking ripped. I can’t stay on the regimen right now ’cause I’m on the road and I need someone to administer it. You need someone to grab your stomach and poke it with the insulin needle. I used to administer it to my arm.”

Bronson also described a stage dive and subsequent injury that came from it during a show in California. When asked about what happened, Action said everyone cleared during the dive causing him to hit the floor.

“I ran up on stage, Tyler, The Creator ran up on stage, he took like 10 people out, I followed him, which was the worst idea,” Bronson described. “I jumped, I do the craziest swan dive, I caught so much air and everybody moved. I just tumbled, my ankled swelled up and I thought I broke my foot but I had to perform right after that. I came right back on and took 10 people out.”

Earlier in the interview Action Bronson talked about being a father to his two kids and says he’s involved in each of their lives. He also discussed his new album Easy Rider, which is produced by Party Supplies

Watch the full interview below:

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