Maseratimet, a rapper and alleged associate of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, recently appeared on CNN to discuss the recording he leaked of himself having a phone conversation with Sterling following comments the shunned NBA owner made in regards to black people during a conversation with friend, V. Stiviano.

Maserati, who revealed that he met Sterling while running an escort service in Las Vegas, says the Clippers owner didn’t show any signs of racism during their friendship. He also spoke on Sterling’s preference in women.

“Donald likes to have fun. Donald likes a lot of women. It’s obvious,” Maserati said. “The world knows Donald. It’s no surprise. So, how I met him. I met him through…a friend of mine introduced me to him. And I actually ran a service in Las Vegas…He didn’t show no signs of [racism] to me. He seemed straight cool. He didn’t have any—He never showed no sign of racism to me. So, it’s just when I heard the tape it just really threw me off…He liked ‘em light-skinned. I ain’t gonna lie. He liked the light skinned. He always preferred light-skinned women.”

The rapper, who claims he hasn’t received any sort of payment for his recordings, added that he decided to record his conversation with Sterling, so that the public would discover “the other side of Donald Sterling.”

“I was really upset,” he said. “I had sent him a text kinda going off. And then I called him. And then that piece of the tape’s not out, but he just started going—just going crazy…I just hit record. That’s kinda how—It was just something I wanted to capture and really let people hear the real—the other side of Donald Sterling…Every one besides the V. Stiviano. Every one besides that girl are me. I mean, it’s me and him. It’s me and his conversation…It’s like a two hour conversation. Those are just minutes. Those are clips…I didn’t get paid for the tapes, no.”

V. Stiviano’s thoughts on race were also brought up during Maserati’s interview with CNN. According to Maserati, Sterling revealed that despite her background, Stiviano does not like blacks or Mexicans.

“He was explaining to me, ‘I was just trying to have sex with her.’ She baited him in,” Maserati said. “My understanding is that she—If you listen to the tape he talks about also that she didn’t like blacks, Mexicans. So, she went on years telling him that. And that she would never date a Mexican or a black guy. So, in that time Donald felt comfortable speaking his real side. And felt comfortable expressing it to her…In California, there’s like there’s always—Hispanics and blacks, there’s always been a rival thing going on between those two cultures anyway. So, I think it’s like, I think she did tell him that—That’s just my opinion. I think she told him she didn’t like blacks or she wouldn’t date blacks. And that’s what made him feel comfortable to say the things he said.”

Following the release of a recording from a phone conversation between Donald Sterling and V. Stiviano, the Clippers owner has received a great deal of criticism over his comments about Stiviano “associating with black people.”

Among those who have voiced their opinion on the matter are Lord Jamar, Scarface, and Yukmouth.

Sterling is currently banned from the NBA for life, but still maintains ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers.

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