Following the release of the original cover art to DMV rapper Fat Trel’s Gleesh mixtape, the lyricist was reportedly approached by those at the FOX musical series Glee demanding that he change the project’s cover art.

During an interview with HotNewHipHop, Fat Trel recalled being approached about his controversial cover art and says he was told that it was disrespectful and “downsized their character.”

“Basically, they just felt disrespected,” he said. “They felt like I downsized their character. You know what I mean? So, that’s just what that is. It is what it is, man. Like you said that’s Fat Trel for you. You feel me? We make bitches cry. We skeet on bitches faces. That’s what the fuck we do. You feel me?”

In addition to speaking on his Gleesh mixtape, Fat Trel also commented on his Da New Kool project with the Slutty Boyz. The mixtape boasts appearances from a number of guest artists including Migos, Juicy J, Rich Homie Quan, and Wale.

Fat Trel says that all of the featured artists on Da New Kool submitted their verses out of support and did so without pay.

“Just showing love. You know what I’m saying? Real niggas do real shit and real niggas gonna connect,” Fat Trel said. “And we know all them niggas, bro. You know, we been doing this shit for years. Slutty Boyz been doing it for years although a lot of people just getting hip to it. Slutty Boyz been doing it for years. So, you know, we fuck with French. We fuck with Chinx and the Coke Boys. We been in the A heavy. We rock with Quan. We rock with Young Thug. And Juicy J that’s the OG. I did a whole tour with Juicy J two years back. So, everybody just showed love. We didn’t pay for none of the features. We just—everybody really looked out for us on the love tip. So, shout out to everybody who came through and supported Da New Kool.”

Fat Trel serves as one of the newest artists to sign to the Rick Ross-led Maybach Music Group. It was in November of last year when it was announced that both Fat Trel and Tracy T had signed to MMG.

Following the announcement, Fat Trel offered a personal thank you to fellow D.C. rapper Wale via Twitter.

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