Gangsta Boo says that several of her associates told her she should work with Beatking, the rapper-producer she released the Underground Cassette Tape Music mixtape with yesterday (October 14). 

Kingpin “Skinny Pimp used to tell me about him a couple years ago, and was saying Beatking wanted to work with me,” Gangsta Boo says during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “But I don’t necessarily work with everybody when they want to work with me. So time has passed and I was in the middle of putting together an EP. I was looking for different producers to work with on the EP, and I be going, listening to my DJ Speakerfoxxx, she put me in touch with a lot of the most known unknowns. Beatking was one of them and she was like, ‘I think you should work with this dude. He’s hot,’ and he put me on one of his songs. I liked it. It was called ‘That Bad’ and he sent me beats and shit. He was like, ‘Yo, whenever you need something let me know’ and we just started working, and I liked our chemistry. I was like, ‘Yo, I need some new music’ and I was like, ‘Why don’t we just put together a mixtape?’ and it happened just like that.”  

Even though the Tennessee rapper says she and Beatking started making Underground Cassette Tape Music in June, they made the 15-track project remotely.

“We’ve been sending songs back and forth, Mp3,” Gangsta Boo says. “Never met the man a day of my life in person.”

For a variety of reasons, Gangsta Boo also says that she and Beatking made Underground Cassette Tape Music without a specific plan of how to release it.

“We just kind of did it and got excited ourselves more than anything,” Gangsta Boo says. “So it’s almost like we’ve done this project for us. In hopes of the fans liking it. But we just knew it would be dope. No female and male have done a collaboration on a mixtape yet — not that I know of — and it’s just dope. Just in case people get tired of hearing me too much, they can hear someone else. In case they are tired of hearing him too much, they can hear me. And I think he has the proper buzz right now. He got close to 60,000 followers on Twitter. He’s verified. A lot Houston legends mess with him, a lot of dope publications mess with him. So I think it’s just the right time that i go ahead and co-sign a up-and-coming artist such as Beatking who was heavily influenced by the [Three 6] Mafia sound.”

Gangsta Boo teamed with fellow Memphis rapper La Chat for the Witch project, which was released in May.

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