One of Rev Run’s sons, Diggy Simmons named several of his favorite Run-DMC songs.

“‘Rock Box’ is one of my favorites,” Diggy Simmons says during an interview with XXL, which is tied to the 30-year anniversary of the release of Run-DMC’s self-titled debut album. “It’s just amazing. [Rev Run], he’ll tell me stories about it, being in the studio with Rick Rubin and all those guys, being in there and adding their own pieces and everything. ‘Mary Mary’ is a favorite. ‘Peter Piper,’ the way him and DMC go back and forth on stage. That’s just a moment. When they go back and forth it’s so cool, and it just shows showmanship, that it’s more than just going on stage and rocking in front of a recording. It’s about giving people entertainment and a good time.”

Diggy Simmons says he enjoys hearing other rappers employ the type of back-and-forth rhyme style Run-DMC often included in their music and stage show.



“We probably saw a little bit on Watch The Throne, with Jay Z and Kanye [West] going back-and-forth,” he says. “It’s cool when you see people do it now, and you got to see where it came from, where it popped up.”

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