In the first of a series of Vlogs set to promote his upcoming No Sick Days album, Memphis rapper Lil Wyte broke down what fans can expect from the April release.

During the Vlog, which finds Wyte sitting down for an interview as well as making music in the studio, the rapper explained commissioning production from Three 6 Mafia member DJ Paul. “No Sick Days, is definitely like my little diamond in the rough,” he said. “We got some stupid production on there…we got a little bit of DJ Paul production on there, got some [The Colleagues] production on there…DJ Burn One made one of the tracks—shout out to Burn One, shout out to Rittz [and all of] Slumerican—[T Stoner] made like six of the bangers on the album, so shout out to T Stoner. Me and Stoner, we’re gonna go in and do all the final mixing on everything and put that little tweaking on everything—I call it the Paul and Juicy shut the door effect—all the rappers get out the room, shut the door, lock it, and let the magic happen.”

Lil Wyte, who was signed by Three 6 Mafia members DJ Paul and Juicy J before the release of his debut solo album, has worked extensively with the group-members. With his debut, Doubt Me Now, featuring the whole Three 6 Mafia crew in 2003, the rapper continued to work with members like Project Pat and Juicy J following its release. Like his planned No Sick Days release, Wyte has counted several DJ Paul production credits to his discography, including a track on his 2013 collaborative album No Filter with JellyRoll.  

Continuing with his explanation of the album’s inspiration, Wyte said that the record, which is scheduled for release on 4/20, will feature “a lot of variety.” “No Sick Days is the album I made for me,” he said. “It’s for the fans, it’s to make some money, yeah, but this is the first album I’ve done in a long time where I just came to the studio everyday, everynight. Went out to Nashville, hollered at [producer T Stoner] a few times, and just made music that I liked. I don’t have nobody above my head telling me ‘Yes’ or ‘No,’ I don’t give a fuck what anybody says. The album is jamming. This is one of the albums—normally I’ll send [DJ] Paul and Juicy [J] a few tracks to see if they like them and stuff—and I haven’t even been doing that on this project. I really just want to surprise everybody and just drop a good, solid album. It’s got a lot of variety on it, I got Ace on one track, I got [Big E] from Thug Therapy on there, motherfuckers growing up.”

Referencing the album’s diverse production credits, Wyte simply said he curated beats he liked. “I picked out shit that makes my head bob, ‘cause if I don’t like the shit you’re not gonna like it,” he said. “We got some straight up house party tracks, we got some straight up gutter tracks, we got some real life situations, we got a cryer on the album—just straight about my daughters, some people will feel it, some won’t. Don’t matter, I didn’t write it for the people who don’t feel it. But it’s overall just a feel-good album, I had fun recording it.

“I’m not done,” he added. “Soon as the album drops, I’m gonna be back in the studio the very next day. Soon as we send this off to fucking press, I’m not just gonna take a three, four, five, six month break. That’s where a lot of people fuck up—and I’ve done it my damn self, like, back in the past—you drop an album and you think it’s cool to just take a break. Fuck that, I ain’t taking no more breaks. No Sick Days for real.“

Watch Lil Wyte’s No Sick Days Vlog below.  

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