During an interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Los Angeles rapper/actor Ice Cube shared a brief timeline of his feud with his N.W.A group mates.

Cube started off the conversation by speaking on the moment those in the group were finally able to sit down and talk following their lyrical battle. According to the former N.W.A spitter, the group never really discussed his “No Vaseline” record, a song Cube says knocked an already wounded N.W.A down “like bowling pins.”

“I think Dre had just finished The Chronic and he was about to put out Doggystyle with Snoop,” Ice Cube said. “We had a chance to really talk. And we never really talked about the song, you know? We still haven’t talked about the song. I mean, damn, they was disrespectful, too. If you really think about AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted, I never even mention N.W.A on that record at all. It was all about what I was doing with PE and the Bomb Squad and Chuck D and them. So, for them to diss me on they EP, 100 Miles And Runnin’, you know what I mean, I kinda threw a little jab with ‘Jackin For Beats’ at the end. And then they came with another like, a couple of little disses. I said, ‘Okay man, I’m tired of this. I’mma end this real quick. We gon’ set it all the way off.’ So that’s when I wrote ‘No Vaseline,’ recorded it. I put it on that ‘Cinderfella’ track. That Dana Dane track…We flipped it and it became a smash. And I didn’t know that at the time they was already fragmented, breaking up anyway. So, that just—I guess knocked ‘em down like bowling pins.”



Ice Cube spoke on another prominent record of his during his interview with The Breakfast Club as he commented on the criticism “It Was A Good Day” received before its release. He says his friends didn’t want him to do the song since they felt that it wasn’t hard.

“That was my biggest song, ‘It Was A Good Day,’” he said. “That’s my biggest song and I remember the homies didn’t want me to do it. They was like ‘Man, what you talking about, man? You do it hard. What you talking about it was a good day?’ And I was like ‘Damn, I can’t have a good day, too? Damn, are y’all really living like—Nah, come on man. Let’s be real. We have good days, too. And let’s talk about it.”

As an artist with well over two decades in the business, Ice Cube says the hard work he puts in is one of the reasons why he’s still relevant today.



“Just being who I am, man,” Ice Cube said, when asked how he’s stood the test of time. “Not really caring about what people think. You know what I’m saying? Just doing it how I feel it. A lot of people really want me to be wrapped up in some image. But I’m myself and I’m [gonna] always do what I feel. And I think people see that I care. I really put a lot of effort into my work. Whether it’s a movie, music, whatever. I’m always trying to give people quality. And I think they’ve rewarded me with longevity.”

Ice Cube’s interview with The Breakfast Club comes on the day Ride Along, a new film starring both Cube and comedian Kevin Hart, was released. The film is a project the rapper-turned-actor says was 10 years in the making.

“This movie has been on the shelf for years, over 10 years, and it was just the right combination… We all thought that it’d be a great plan,” he said during an interview on “Today.”

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