In addition to an appearance from Stone Mountain rapper/actor Childish Gambino, rap journalist Elliott Wilson also made an appearance during “Cipha Sounds Presents Take It Personal” improv show last week. While on the show, Wilson recalled his early writing career and a friendship he formed with singer-rapper Lauryn Hill.

According to the journalist-turned-blog owner, he met Hill while conducting an interview with the Fugees for an independent, West Coast-based magazine years ago. From there he says the two took part in the occasional phone conversation and hung out once while in New York City.

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“Back in the day, you know from the ’90s, the hot girl was Lauryn Hill,” said Wilson. “She was a very attractive, young lady. And she wasn’t’ even a big star back then. Like I remember I interviewed the Fugees. When their first album came out they had like zero hits on it. Salaam Remi hadn’t even remixed ‘Nappy Heads’ yet. So, I was in a conference room with them. It was her, Wyclef, Pras. We was eating Chinese food and shit. Doing a great interview and all that. They always told me as editor you have to get everyone’s phone number at the end of the interview…In this case I was very happy to have an opportunity to professionally ask for Lauryn Hill’s number and shit.”

Eventually, Wilson says his friendship with the former Fugees star would come to a close after he attended an industry event for a female Hip Hop group called Hoes With Attitude (H.W.A.). He went on to explain that he received a call from Hill shortly after he attended the H.W.A. event at a strip club and the New Jersey rapstress wasn’t too impressed with his attendance at the event.

“Here was the turning point though…There was an event at the Shark Bar,” said Wilson. “You remember the Shark Bar was like the cool spot…So, I felt like it was such a great afternoon I’m also gonna partake and also go to the evening event. So, I go to the evening event. And I swear to God as soon as I come out of the evening event Lauryn calls me. I pick up the phone, I’m all excited like, ‘Yo, you won’t believe it. I’m at this Hoes With Attitude thing. And in the afternoon I met this guy from Vibe magazine. This is dope. Like this is a great come-up for me. Blah blah blah.’ She’s like ‘Hoes With Attitude?’ ‘Yeah, yeah. They’re a group. I mean, they’re wack. Blah blah blah. But I was at the luncheon. I’m gonna write for Vibe magazine blah blah blah.’ She’s like ‘Oh, okay, yeah. Alright. I gotta call you back. I gotta call you back.’ And then she never called me back. She didn’t like the Hoes With Attitude hangout.”

Currently the owner of, Elliott Wilson has served as editor-in-chief of XXL magazine and music editor of The Source.

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