James Franco and Seth Rogen have spoofed Kanye West’s “Bound 2” music video.

The duo reportedly filmed the parody clip during taping for The Interview, a movie set to star both actors. Their parody clip was made to copy West’s video “shot for shot,” according to the video’s introduction.

The clip features Franco in the role of Kanye West and Rogen in the role of Kim Kardashian. 

Kanye West recently spoke about his “Bound 2” music video and his music videos in general.

“I remember I did ‘Gold Digger,’ which is one of my favorite videos, when it first dropped, people had such a literal take on what it was,” West said in an interview with Philadelphia radio station Hot 107.9. “They were like, ‘I thought it was just gonna be girl’s shoppin’. It really wasn’t that…I hope you’re not disappointed with it. It’s a little more simple…[‘Bound 2’s’ music video] is kind of a love story, in a way.” 

In September, Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel were involved in a feud after the talk show host spoofed one of West’s interviews. 

West called Kimmel’s spoof “out of line,” and in a series of Twitter updates, the rapper accused Kimmel of being unfunny and said the talk show host had sexual relations with actor Ben Affleck. 

In October, Kimmel and West ended their feud on Kimmel’s talk show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

“Jimmy does his thing,” West said during the “Live!’ interview. “I do my thing. At a certain point, these egos can flare up. We kind of just took it to high school a little bit.” 

In February, James Franco was accused of using RiFF RaFF’s style in the film Spring Breakers.

“The storyline ain’t mine but no one on Earth can deny that James Franco’s image and appearance characteristics are RiFF RaFF all day,” RiFF said in an interview, as per MTV. “All I want is credit for his image and I’m confused why a superstar actor with millions of dollars would steal and deny credit from a new upcoming rapper like myself who hasn’t even dropped an album yet. What a fuckin’ asshole — I would never do any bullshit like that if I was in his position.”

The “Bound 2” spoof video created by Franco and Rogen can be found below.

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