Jimmy Kimmel created a spoof of Kanye West’s recent interview on BBC Radio 1. The spoof, which aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, featured children reenacting West’s interview with BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe.

Before airing the spoof, Jimmy Kimmel also joked about the interview.

“You’re not gonna believe this, but he said a lot of weird stuff,” Kimmel said of West’s interview in a monologue. “He said he was the #1 rockstar on the planet, whatever planet he’s on, and a lot of other great stuff about himself. Does Kanye West know you’re not supposed to be your own hype man? I don’t know if it’s a money-saving thing, but I liked it.” 

The spoof can be viewed below.  

Kanye West Responds To Jimmy Kimmel’s Spoof

Today (September 26), West sent several messages to Jimmy Kimmel via Twitter. The messages explained West’s dissatisfaction with the spoof. The messages also contained insults aimed at Jimmy Kimmel. 

West’s Twitter posts can be seen below. 

Jimmy Kimmel Responds To Kanye West’s Tweets

Jimmy Kimmel responded to the series of tweets with Twitter posts also.  

Jimmy Kimmel Says Kanye West Called Himself Tupac

During his show, Jimmy Kimmel also spoke about this exchange. 

“He’s very angry becasue of a bit we made this week,” “We just had kids say the stuff Kanye said. Apparently, this upset him. He called me. He said a lot of things. He said I had two choices. He said #1 was to apologize publicly. That was really the only choice. The other choice he gave was, ‘Your life is gonna be much better if you apologize.’ And then he started tweeting today.

“By the way, he told me on the phone, and I swear to God this is true, he said, ‘I am the most powerful voice in media,'” Kimmel continued. “He said, ‘I am ‘Pac’ a few times to me. He said, ‘You’ll never be able to show your face at a 14 year old’s high school football game and be cool again. He really is ‘Pac. That’s right out of the Tupac playbook, isn’t it? I don’t know. I don’t understand it. The bit was, I thought, pretty innocuous, but finally I’m in a Rap feud.” 

Kimmel’s response can be viewed below.

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