A Tribe Called Quest was joined by Busta Rhymes as they opened for Kanye West on the “Yeezus Tour” yesterday (November 20). 

Busta Rhymes joined the group to perform “Scenario,” a selection that was featured on Tribe’s 1991 album, The Low End Theory

In November 2011, Q-Tip spoke about the selection’s significance. 

“‘Scenario’ for Busta [Rhymes] was like his step-out [moment],” Q-Tip said in an interview with MTV2. “That was my purpose [in putting him on the song] because I thought he was ill. I just wanted to set him up…one of the things that really set it up was the interplay between my rhymes and Busta’s rhymes. So that introduced him a little bit.”

Busta Rhymes also spoke about the track’s impact in that same article.

“Tip was like, ‘Yo, I’ma come right before you [with my verse] and I’ma set it up, so in my verse, I’ma write a part for you to say,'” Busta Rhymes said. “That’s where the ‘I heard you rushed and rushed and attacked’ [line came from]…When that part came, the moment of truth wasn’t too far after that.”

A video of the performance can be viewed below via Real Talk NY.

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