During an interview with Houston’s 95.7 this week, Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco revealed his plans to release an album that is far less politics-oriented than his last LP, Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album.

According to Lupe, the records featured on Food & Liquor II aren’t the kinds of songs he built his music career off of. He also made mention to those who use his politically-charged records to keep themselves from being on the line with their thoughts on politics.

“I think people kinda took my political statements as being my one and only thing and that’s what I was about,” said Lupe. “And they kinda forget ‘Kick Push,’ ‘Paris, Tokyo,’ ‘Superstar.’ What I’ve really built my career on. I didn’t build my career off political things. I think people just use that as an opportunity to take that and run with it because they were interested in politics. And instead of putting themselves on the line, they’re caught up in how Fox News or CNN does politics, which is an argument…So, this record was just like, ‘You know what? My last album, Food & Liquor II, this is my standings. This is what I believe in and I ain’t gonna keep beating you over the head with it.’ So, now it’s just about music.”

Released last year, Food & Liquor II includes a number of records that boast political undertones. Among those records is “Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free),” a song that addresses Hurricane Katrina and the lack of government response to the natural disaster, the United States’ treatment of Native Americans, and more.

In addition to speaking on the type of content fans won’t find on his next album, Lupe also spoke on the business of Twitter. He questioned how the social networking behemoth generates income and offered his take on how he’s able to make money using Twitter.

“It’s not me ranting. It’s really just looking at it like ‘Wow, Twitter’s public. What do they make their money off of?’ They’re trading at like 45 dollars a share,” said the Windy City emcee. “And you just think like—and it was 26 this morning. So, right now it’s 45 dollars a share. And you think like, ‘What are they making their money off of?’ They’re making their money off of tweets. So, you’re like ‘Yo, what is my tweet worth? Like, what’s a tweet worth? How do you really monetize a tweet?’ And for me it’s like I just use Twitter to promote shows or promote albums or promote my merchandise…If I get one person to buy a t-shirt from Twitter then this tweet is worth 30 dollars.”

Over the past few weeks, Lupe has revealed a handful of details in regards to his next album, Tetsuo & Youth. He first announced the album in February of this year during an interview with Fuse.

“We’re starting with a new album that’s called Tetsuo & Youth,” said Lupe. “It’s a different angle and twist.”

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