Fontana, California native Hit Boy has steadily become one of the most in demand producers in Hip Hop music over the last few years. He is also an associate of Kanye West and Jay Z, producing for both of them during his tenure.

Recently sitting down with Hard Knock TV, Hit talked about one of the first times he played his music for Kanye and the creation of the instrumental he played him.

“It was a beat I made in Atlanta in ’07, it was the first beat that I made when I moved down to Atlanta,” Hit Boy said when recalling the story. “(I) made this beat and I was just like ‘This is a Kanye beat. If I ever meet him I have to play this for him.'”

He would continue, describing the instance in which he did meet Mr. West.

“It’s so funny we flew out to L.A. to work and it just so happened that Pharrell was working in the studio across from me and Kanye came in out of no where,” he said. “After I was already tripping that I was in there with Pharrell, Kanye walks in and I’m just overloading and shit, and I had the beat in my pocket. And I was like, ‘Man, I have to play you this.’

“From the time I put it on ’till it went off, he just rapped and rapped and came up with all these ideas. Nothing ever happened with the track and I still have it and still might use it but it was just a dope feeling to know that that aligned like that.”

Also during the interview, the Surf Club member talked about walking out on stage during Jay Z and Kanye West’s 2012 set in Paris, during which they performed the Hit Boy-produced song “Niggas in Paris” 12 times in a row. Hit said that he was stunned and unsure of what he should do when Jay asked him to come to the front of the stage.

Hit Boy is perhaps best known for producing the songs “Goldie” by ASAP Rocky, “Clique,” a G.O.O.D. Music single featuring Kanye, Jay Z and Big Sean,’s “Scream & Shout Remix” and the aforementioned “Niggas in Paris.”

Watch the full interview with Hard Knock TV below:

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