Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul and ScHoolboy Q explain how they came together to form what would become Black Hippy and the strength of their bond in On the Road Budweiser Made in America, a video series leading up to this year’s Budweiser Made In America Festival.  

“Everybody really want to see each other win, not only in the music, but just in life,” Kendrick Lamar says in the documentary. “We started together so we know what it feel like to be at the bottom and know what it feel like to actually be doing something with ourselves. At the end of the day, it’s about keeping that brotherhood, a group of guys that come from nothing.”

Jay Rock, who was signed to Warner Bros. Records and is now on TDE/Strange Music, says that he and the rest of his crew had to grow into the powerful unit that Top Dawg Enetertainment has become. “Niggas always had the dream to be big, but we didn’t really know the business like that,” Jay Rock says. “We was just doing the shit to be doing it.”

The Watts, California rapper says that he knew Kendrick Lamar was a gifted rhymer the first time he met him. They were working together in the studio and he says Kendrick Lamar impressed him immediately.

“It was taking me a minute to write my verse and it just took this dude like five minutes,” Jay Rock says. “He’s like, ‘I’m ready for my verse. I’m ready.’ So I was like, ‘Where your pen and pad at?’ He didn’t have no pen, no pad, no nothing. This is when he was only like 16.”

Elsewhere in the documentary, Ab-Soul and ScHoolboy Q explain how they joined the TDE fold. Ab-Soul also says that joining forces with Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar was a reality check.

“It was very humbling for myself because before I met Jay Rock and K. Dot, you know I just thought I was the best rapper in the world,” the Carson, California rapper says.

ScHoolboy Q, who says he was broke when he joined the crew, now relishes in the fact that he can now provide for his daughter through his career as a rapper. “You finally see how your momma feel,” he says. “My mom always got the job done. I didn’t know I was broke until I was like in high school. She kept it low-key the whole time.”

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