Cappadonna says the Wu-Tang Clan’s forthcoming A Better Tomorrow album is only about halfway finished. He says he has ideas for how the rest of the material should be handled. “I feel like we need some more production, though,” he says in an interview with VladTV. “I wanna reach out to some of my brothas, man. We don’t got nothing on there from Swizz [Beatz]. I think RZA should only do half of that album and the rest should be like Swizz Beatz, Primo, even get one from Puffy, man, c’mon.”

Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA has said that that A Better Tomorrow may arrive in November in order to coincide with the 20-year anniversary of the release of the group’s debut album, Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). Cappadonna says during his VladTV interview that the crew stopped working on its new album because of recent tours and shows, which included Hot 97’s Summer Jam last month. Cappadonna says the group is recording in Los Angeles, New York and New Jersey. The group recorded its RZA-produced “Family Reunion” track at the Wu-Tang mansion in New Jersey.  

Regardless of when A Better Tomorrow arrives or who produces songs on it, Cappadonna says that the project is an important one for Rap. “You know we’re like The Last Mohicans, right?” Cappadonna says. “It ain’t gonna be no more of this no more. Everybody tried. Even Nas tried to bring it back. Hip Hop, the way we knew it, is no longer ever going to be like that again, G. We’ve gotta just keep doing what we’re doing right now and try to keep the foundation of it alive at least.”

In addition to his work with the Wu-Tang Clan, Cappadonna says he is working on the follow-up to his debut album, 1998’s The Pillage, as well as promoting his new double album, Eyrth, Wynd, And Fyre. He says that his forthcoming project will be eclectic and that it needs to be. 



“Anything we want to hear new,” Cappadonna says, “we’re going to have to push as a conglomerate to make that stick and make it a stronghold in Hip Hop right now or else there ain’t gonna be no other sound but that South sound.” 

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