In the third installment of his interview with Hard Knock TV, noted Houston artist Scarface addressed what he believes is a lack of originality when it comes to today’s Hip Hop. The rapper frequently used the term “biting” during his interview and even referred to trap music originator and Atlanta producer Shawty Redd as an example of an artist whose sound is heavily mimicked.

“For somebody to come out and make a trap beat besides Shawty Redd, whatever his name is, the dude that originated trap music. If you are not him then why are you biting his shit…Why does every fucking record sound like one long ass song,” Scarface questioned.

Prior to speaking on Shawty Redd, Scarface mentioned the likes of Dr. Dre and Marley Marl, two artists who have taken somewhat of a break from making music. Scarface went on to state that when artists like Dr. Dre and Marley Marl are no longer creating music the blueprint for artists to learn and study from begins to disappear.

“Dre, the best in the business, he said ‘fuck this mothafucka’ too. He is Hip Hop in my opinion. Marley Marl, he is Hip Hop, in my opinion,” said Scarface. “When you got those two people, those two masterminds, groundbreaking record makers not making music no more then you ain’t really got shit to go by. You ain’t got shit to study. You ain’t got shit to learn from.”

In his previous interview with Hard Knock TV, Scarface touched on a possible Geto Boys album and spoke on the production work of Rick Rubin.

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