Brooklyn, New York emcee Joey Bada$$ and his Pro Era collective are the latest rappers featured in an interview with Nardwuar. During their video session, Bada$$ discussed his admiration for MF DOOM. He shared that “you could never get enough” of his music and explained how he feels about the masked emcee going mainstream.  

“He’s relevant to the people who know about it,” Bada$$ told Nardwuar in the interview, done at SXSW. “That’s the dope thing about it. He shouldn’t be mainstream. That just wouldn’t be DOOM.”

Pro Era’s Chuck Strangers shared this sentiment. 

“Imagine DOOM famous,” Strangers noted. “It’d be weird as fuck. I don’t think he even wants to be famous.”

Later in the interview, Pro Era members were given MF DOOM related gifts including vinyl, a mask and Frank 151’s The DOOM Book

“You can never get enough DOOM,” Bada$$ added. 

The entire interview can be viewed below, courtesy of Nardwuar

Bada$$ later shared that this was one of his favorite interviews “ever” via Twitter but he also added that he was receiving backlash for the way he interacted with Nardwuar during the session. His comments can be viewed below. 

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