Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Frank Ocean has been hit with a lawsuit over his song “Lost.”

AllHipHop reports that the OFWGKTA affiliate was recently named in a lawsuit over the production featured on his song “Lost.” Songwriter/producer Micah Otano claims that he was neither credited nor compensated for his co-production on the fourth single off Ocean’s Channel Orange.

In the lawsuit, Otano contends that he collaborated with producer Malay on a track originally titled “Daylight.” However, Otano says that Malay took sole credit for the duo’s production when it ended up on Ocean’s debut album.

Otano also names Malay and Ocean’s label Island Def Jam/Universal in the lawsuit. Despite the suit, Otano received a songwriting credit for the track.

This isn’t the first time Frank Ocean has faced a lawsuit over his music. Last year, Don Henely threatened to sue Ocean over his Nostalgia/Ultra song “American Wedding” due to its use of an uncleared sample of the Eagles’ “Hotel California.”

Most recently, Channel Orange netted the Louisiana-born singer a Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album.

Check out AllHipHop for a copy of the full lawsuit.

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